Necromunda Underdogs

Hi folks and welcome to yet another Necromunda article. Hopefully it’s another that folks will find generally helpful when it comes to running campaigns whilst it also answers some questions and a need for our own club campaign. In this instance, it’s the need for some rules around how we are going to treat ‘underdogs’ […]

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The Lazar Sector Gazette

Cycle One Update: Challenger Recipient Who Won? Territory? Dom – Venators Sean – Orlock Win: Sean. Tech Bazaar Richard – Goliath Mark – Escher Fighting Pit Jonathan – Ogryns Charles – Chaos Cultists Smelting Works Dan – Corpse Grinders Mike – Cawdor Corpse Farm Darren – Delaque Garry – Squats Win: Darren. Settlement Player & […]

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navigating the Ash Wastes

Evening folks, it’s been a while since I have written a piece that is general enough for everyone to have a read of and hopefully get something from. As you all will have seen, I have been running Necromunda campaigns with the folks at my local club – Aftermath Gaming Club Norwich. At the time […]

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Takeover Phase: Cycle 1

We’re half way through the first cycle of the takeover period of the campaign. So far there have been two hard fought battles fought over key territories in the Lazar Sector. First up the Bad Batch shook off their slow start after their arrival in their sector and launched a raid on a vault that […]

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May the Battle commence!

Welcome to the Lazar Sector Campaign: Part II We now enter the 2nd part of the campaign, the take-over phase. This is relatively simple. Players challenge players for territories other gangs currently occupy. As with the first half of the campaign each gang will need to complete a single game every cycle. The only difference […]

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