May the Battle commence!

Welcome to the Lazar Sector Campaign: Part II We now enter the 2nd part of the campaign, the take-over phase. This is relatively simple. Players challenge players for territories other gangs currently occupy. As with the first half of the campaign each gang will need to complete a single game every cycle. The only difference […]

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Takeover Phase: Cycle 1

We’re half way through the first cycle of the takeover period of the campaign. So far there have been two hard fought battles fought over key territories in the Lazar Sector. First up the Bad Batch shook off their slow start after their arrival in their sector and launched a raid on a vault that […]

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Getting Prepared.

Hey folks of the Lazar Sector Necromunda Campaign. We are a couple of weeks off the restart of the campaign for the 2nd part known as the Take Over phase. If you want to be reminded of the plan for this you can revisit the last article here. Another article will be released shortly that […]

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The path ahead…

Way back when when the first shots were fired, a plan was set ahead of us. Time now to cast an eye over what has past and what is yet ahead. Now into June and on the verge of the last weekend, we had forecast that all gangs would have played four games. We have […]

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Necromunda Player Tools

Getting started with Necromunda can be a bit of a daunting task. We figured it might be helpful for everyone if we put together a layout of where you can find all of the things you need for your gangs and to play a game of Necromunda. Now, you may not need all of these […]

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Necromunda Gang Tactic Cards

The nice thing about this period before the campaign starts is the questions rolling in. Now, I understand that some folks may not see that as their idea of “nice”, so I’ll explain quickly before going onto the subject proper. Nice – the design of having a month or more to prepare for a campaign […]

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