Lazar Sector Gazette: The Cacophany of conflict

Sometimes the Underhive is silent, like the moments before a coming storm, as people see the inevitable and prepare for the assault of nature upon their community.

This cycle was no different. An early exchange of gunfire between Venators and Squats resulted in quiet, until all of a sudden, gang met gang all over the sector like a wave of madness!

The exploits of those involved follow in words of eye witnesses or, in some cases, the drunken bragging words heard by others in bars and gambling dens.

Ruckus at the
Old Ruins
Orlocks Vs
Corpse Grinders

Bikers vs Beasts

Autogun fire and buzzing Bonesaws were the sounds which dominated the clash of Orlock vs Corpse Grinders as they contested the Old Ruins. Round One started quietly enough with Bill Punx-man swinging his stub gun at an opposing juve, who returned the gesture and a snap of Bills neck, which sent him to the doctor with a critical injury. The second infiltrating juve snuck up to secure the Orlocks gang relic while both sides ganger jostled for shooting positions and charging range along the corridor of doom. To the right Orlock Wrecker Ginger fired up her jump pack to move toward a Grinder gang relic which was protected by a newly hatched Chaos Spawn as it slowly crept toward her.

The Grinders won priority in round two which allowed their juve to defile the Orlock relic, before he suffered an auto gun blast to the face, which put him OOA and off to recovery. The remaining Grinders continued to travel along the corridor of Doom uncontested because the Orlock were too scared to shoot.

In round three a brave Orlock managed to inflict a serious injury upon a grinder as it emerged from a doorway and their champion tossed a Krak grenade at a grinding champion, who simply headed it away with his 6+ mask save. The Grinders responded with a toss of a smoke grenade which obstructed the view of all the remaining Orlocks, who had to stand and wait. On the right flank Ginger fired up her jump pack to escape the chaos spawn and two reinforcements, however….

…it didn’t work because the spawn rolled an 11′ charge and hit her three times! But they failed to wound!! Ginger got to live another day!!

The corridor of doom was far more bloody in round four, with Orlock leader John suffering a serious injury and the grinder champion suffering a shotgun blast to the chest, which was countered by their plate armour.

The remaining gangers on both sides jostled for position before remembering the had an early shift in the morning. Each left the battlefield with the Grinders celebrating their victory with meat pies, blood tea and the burning of the Orlock relic.

A lonely Orlock Prospect faces off against two members of the Corpse Grinder Cult.

Winner: Cold Hole’s A Goal (Dan)
Defeated: The Hunter Killers (Dom)
Territory: Old Ruins
Orlock OOA: 2, 1 critical injury.
Corpse Grinders OOA: 3 , 1 critical injury,

Deaths: TBC

Sludge Sea Shenanigans
Escher Vs
Slave Ogryns

Escaping The Pit, The Fast Way

Sometimes gang fights occur that are so quick, so fast, that they almost didn’t happen. Sometimes, so fast that there is barely a chance to inflict any sort of damage upon one another.

This was exactly one of those instances. The only casualty a stray feline that the Sump City Cat-Herders had brought along to help make up their strength.

Despite this, the Ogryns somehow came out on top. Both gangs a bit confused, a bit dazed, but very much accepting of the outcome.

Winner: No Means No (Jon)
Defeated: The Sump City Cat-Herders (Mark)
Territory: Sludge Sea
Ogryns OOA: 0
Escher OOA: 0

Deaths: None

Rogue Doc
Shop Shut-out
Chaos Helot Cultists

When asked to choose who they’d rather meet in a dark, Underhive alleyway, a Chaos Cultist or a Goliath ganger, most would suggest they’d rather just get it over with and hope for a quick death no matter which it was.

So as you can imagine, this match up was brutal. Unlike the relatively peaceful and serine battle between the Slave Ogryns and Cat-Herders, this got nasty and fast.

The bars and dives are already awash with rumours of a Goliath Forge-Born armed with a Storm-Welder running to confront his enemies and letting rip an arc of bolts levelling several of them.

So high in voltage were the arcs of energy that several were left requiring immediate medical assistance or being left for dead.

The Cultists didn’t go down without a fight and put one of the muscle-bound hulks down so hard that he too, needed to be taken to the doc for ‘work’.

In the end, the casualties the Goliaths continued to dish out was too much for the worshipers of Chaos to absorb, their witch being tipping point.

Winner: Iron Hides (Rich)
Defeated: Chaost Cultists (Charles)
Territory: Rogue Doc Shop
Goliath OOA: 1, 1 critical injury (survived with lasting injury).
Chaos Cultists OOA: 5 , 2 critical injuries.

Deaths: 2

Big Bash at the
Bone Shrine

Sam El Pips is just like any other Scrutinator in that he has a serious dislike of injustice and any slight that may be cast upon the Imperial House of Helmawr. He is also flamboyant, believing that a strong image can be connected with emotion.

Therefore he adorns himself in references to chess and balance and collects a reputation that builds upon his appearance so that wherever he goes, people know Lord Helmawr’s law is present, striking fear into those who may wish to escape the gaze of the enforcers.

It is for exactly this reason that he has been sent to investigate the disappearance of Lord Leasa.

It was in search of clues that out of the blue, a coded message was sent to him giving him co-ordinates in the heart of the Lazar Sector. This was not his first rodeo, and as a Scrutinator that had investigated crimes that lead to executions and deaths in gun fights, he knew many gangs had a mark against his name.

Instead, he sent Sgt Murdoch and Patrolman Pearson to check out the location given to scout out any leads.

So far, so good. The two Palanite Enforcers walked a beat route in the quadrant. Nothing much to see. Nothing much in the way of anything, in fact, to even suggest worthiness of investigating. Murdoch grew concerned, his hands fidgeting, with half a mind on the concussion carbine slung on his back.

Then in the distance Pearson spotted two figures. They couldn’t just let rip. This could be the informants, coming to tip them off.

As they closed distance, they could make out that the two people were robed. Gangers of House Cawdor.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this!” Murdoch muttered to Pearson out the side of his mouth “We got a job to do kid, hold your nerve!”

The four figures, two uniformed, two in hooded, ragged robes, closed to a distance where words could be exchanged. The face off now reaching a tense fever pitch.

Murdoch noticed a small movement out of the corner of his eye.

“Don’t do it kid!” he directed.

He was too late, Pearson had his hand around his stub gun grip. Murdoch stretched out a hand to stay his subordinates arm. Just as he did so he turned his head to the robed Cawdor.

“The Emperor is with me, Emperor fill me with your fury.
The Emperor is with me, Emperor fill me with your fury.” Chanted the approaching figure in rags. Then he suddenly sped to a sprint.

“FILL ME WITH YOUR FURY!!” He screached.

“Oh crud!” Murdoch managed to force out before the alleyway lit up like a million kilowatt lumens torch. When the flash had gone, Murdoch was laying unconcious, the Cawdor Juve crumpled in a pile feet away from him, scorch marks surrounding the pair of them.

Seeing his sergeant unresponsive on the floor, Pearson barely formed a thought and fled. Luckily for him, Murdoch managed to survive, he’d be out of the next one, but he’d be back after being patched up at the precinct. That and complete the massive report he would have to write up about this.

Winner: The Ring of Fire (Mike)
Defeated: Sam El Pips Enforcer Patrol (Matt)
Territory: Bone Shrine
Cawdor OOA: 1, grievous injury.
Enforcers OOA: 1 , grievous injury.

Deaths: 0