Takeover Phase: Cycle 1

We’re half way through the first cycle of the takeover period of the campaign. So far there have been two hard fought battles fought over key territories in the Lazar Sector. First up the Bad Batch shook off their slow start after their arrival in their sector and launched a raid on a vault that […]

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May the Battle commence!

Welcome to the Lazar Sector Campaign: Part II We now enter the 2nd part of the campaign, the take-over phase. This is relatively simple. Players challenge players for territories other gangs currently occupy. As with the first half of the campaign each gang will need to complete a single game every cycle. The only difference […]

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A tough old time of it…

It’s been a weird couple of years for me, Matt, aka mcfonz. Many of you who know me well will know I lost my father back at the end of October 2020. It wasn’t an easy journey, and like many thousands if not millions of others, my family had to come to terms with the […]

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Xeno: All Out War

Another day, a fresh start as they say. Following on from my last article about an on-going project that started back in 2017, I followed up a few things due to requests from fellow hobbyists on social media. I contacted Mantic for their permission to share what I did to convert their rules for their […]

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With a flick of the heels!

Hello and welcome to all. Where to start? This blog is another part of what forms the Random Platypus community which is focused around the web forum but has stretched out to include a youtube channel, facebook page, twitter account and now a blog page. In terms of content, those that are designed for them […]

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