With a flick of the heels!

Hello and welcome to all.

Where to start?
This blog is another part of what forms the Random Platypus community which is focused around the web forum but has stretched out to include a youtube channel, facebook page, twitter account and now a blog page. In terms of content, those that are designed for them are open to contribution from all of the community – which includes here.

Hence Poison Spurs. Those of you that don’t know – the platypus has poison heel spurs . . . . .


The idea?
Not everyone has the time to build and maintain a blog of their own. The forum is great for project logs and interaction, but sometimes we might get inspired to write a piece or two on the hobby as a whole and some of our community suggested starting a blog for that. As such, comments will be switched off on the blog, but a very much welcome over on the forum. The articles will be shared across the social media channels.

As things stand there are several people behind the scenes that will be contributing in some way, shape or form from the start.

So with all of that said, may the Poison Heels blog begin!

Mcfonz (aka – Matt)