The Lazar Sector Gazette

Smash, Crackle and Zap.

Does an underhive war for turf ever start, or is it just a continuation of the ever aggressive disagreements between houses and other antagonists dwelling amongst the lower reaches of the hive?

Will we ever really know?

Well, the only thing we can say for sure is that the bodies are falling and the rogue docs are busy.

This week, 2102.23.C1, has seen four gangs go toe to toe over important resources in the sector.

Tech Bazaar
Blood Bath
Venators Vs

Orlocks and Venators enjoyed a bloody fight for control of Ipods, Iphones and all the ‘you’re gonna be dead soon’ distractions the Underhive has to offer.

The Venators took an early advantage with long rifle shots and frag grenades wounding a ganger and pinning both Orlock Wreckers. The panicking bikers took cover which allowed the Ventors lasgunners to dominate an open left.

One Juve took a head shot, which caused his comrade to run for cover. The Orlocks would recover into turn 4, with a couple of autogun rounds taking out two gangers and a wrecker succesfully stabbing a venator in the back. A close combat skirmish ensued throughout the market square, with both gangs suffering numerous injuries and hits.

Eventually the whip wielding Venator champion and her consistently without ammo cousin fled to fight another day. The Orlocks embraced their victory by playing Candy Crush on their new Ipads and listening to Ted Nugents greatest hits on their Ipods

Winner: The Hunter Killers (Sean)
Defeated: Venators (Dom)
Territory: Tech Bazzar
Orlock OOA: 2, one critical injury,
one head injury.
Venators OOA: 5, 1 critical injury,

Deaths: None

The Scrap
In the Tunnels
Squats Vs

Taking in a deep breath Bjorn tightened his grip, slowly squeezing the trigger. The melta round sped down the dark path ahead until impacting the wall miles from the oncoming threat.

“What the crud?!!” Bjorn thought to himself. “This is a top spec weapon and the shot was perfectly lined up!! By the ancestors I pissed up that shot so bad, it was worse than a drunken hive scummer in a sump brewery!!”

He didn’t have long to contemplate much more though, as he suddenly felt a sharp pain rise upon the side of his head.

“This is it!” he thought to himself as he slumped to a crumpled heap on the floor. When he came round, he was surrounded by silence occasionally interrupted by the groans of his wounded kin.

Poor old Kurg had taken it very bad. A huge wound to his torso spilled forth his guts. No sign of life, he was as good as meat for the grinder…… Gathering his wits and surveying the scene, Bjorn find out his crew had been on the end of a good hammering.

Winner: Eyes of Lazaar
Defeated: The Breachermen
Territory: Settlement
Delaque OOA: 2, one spinal
injury, one out cold.
Squat OOA: 2, one memorable
death, one out cold.
Deaths: One – Kurg.
Reputation: +2 to Delaque,
-1 to Squats.

Cycle One Update:

ChallengerRecipientWho Won? Territory?
Dom – VenatorsSean – OrlockWin: Sean. Tech Bazaar
Richard – GoliathMark – EscherFighting Pit
Jonathan – OgrynsCharles – Chaos CultistsSmelting Works
Dan – Corpse GrindersMike – CawdorCorpse Farm
Darren – DelaqueGarry – SquatsWin: Darren. Settlement
Player & GangOOAs inflictedKillsTerritories (excl starting territory)WealthReputationGames Played
Garry – Squats211
Darren – Delaque211: Settlement.31
Sean – Orlock51: Tech Bazaar31
Dom – Venator211
Mike – Cawdor
Jon – Ogryns
Dan – Corpse Grinders
Charles – Chaos Cultists
Mark – Escher
Richard – Goliath