Necromunda Player Tools

Getting started with Necromunda can be a bit of a daunting task. We figured it might be helpful for everyone if we put together a layout of where you can find all of the things you need for your gangs and to play a game of Necromunda. Now, you may not need all of these things, it’s more a list of where you can things you may need. We’ll start at the beginning.

This is the main hardback rulebook you’ll need to refer to to play games of Necromunda. Although the rules in the Necromunda: Hive War book are fine for the core mechanics as well. As far as I am aware, they do not contain the Dominion Campaign.

For a guide and general introduction to Necromunda, Goonhammer has a nice article that can be found on their site.


At this point, the next most important thing to do is point you in the direction of Yaktribe. Yaktribe has everything you need in terms of the pen and paper part of the game. Make sure you are using the Necromunda Underhive area of the site, there you will be able to find up to date list building browser programs that lets you print your gang as cards or an old school sheet. It is even set up to not include models in recovery.

On the site you will also find a file that contains all of the Gang Tactics cards that saves you having to catch up on buying them all, especially if you have missed some that are now out of print. If so inclined, and probably worth it if you don’t have the hardback rulebook, you can also find a set of territory cards.

The most important thing is that you can create any of the gangs that currently exist on there and it is usually updated quite quickly when anything new is released.

Where to find the gang rules

At this point I am just going to list the name of the gang that has rules out and which book they can be found in.

House Gangs:
Delaque – House of Shadows
Cawdor and Redemptionists – House of Faith
Escher – House of Blades
Goliath and Slave Ogryn – House of Chains
Orlock – House of Iron
Van Saar – House of Artifice

Venators – Book of Peril
Enforcers – Book of Judgement
Corpse Grinders, Chaos Cultists, Genestealer Cultists – Book of Ruin
Outcasts – Book of Outcast

There are some nice bits of flavour to some of these in that the six House Gangs can be tainted by Chaos or Genestealer Cultists. It means you get a bit of a blend of the two.

All of the gangs have access to hired guns, brutes and hangers on. A list for these is in pretty much every book but may vary slightly owing to different gangs having access to different types – though this is quite rare.

Free Player Resources

Games Workshop is actually pretty good at putting out some free resources so it’s certainly worth taking a look at the Warhammer Community website’s download section for Necromunda. At first glance you may think that most if it is only of passing use, but you’d be wrong. Unless you splash out on the Book of Outcasts, this is now the only place you can get the Trade Post. What’s more, the trade post download essentially works exactly like a cheat sheet for weapons… or at least half of it does. As it looks like this:

It covers each weapon in the game, that I am aware of. And as if that isn’t enough. Later in the document it covers rules for many of the items of personal equipment, armour, weapon accessories and, something I find hugely useful, the weapon traits.

So essentially, other than the core mechanics and your gang rules, and fighter skills, this document is an absolute must due to being able to reference the majority of weapons and items for the game.

You’ll also find some web exclusive gang tactic cards, though I believe they have already been integrated into the Yaktribe download linked to above. There are also a sheet of tokens you can download to use as Badzone Delta 7 rules for the tiles if anyone has those.

Game Equipment

Necromunda requires a specific set of three templates. This can be bought from a number of places or raided from old sets of 40k if you have them.

Equally you can source a set like the ones above from sources such as (click image to visit the area of the site they are in).

Next up is the dice. In theory, you don’t HAVE to use the dice. You just need to know how many of each face are represented by different effects. You’ll also just need plain six sided dice or D6.

So for example. An ammo dice looks a bit like this.

An injury dice looks a bit like this:

The only other dice you would need is a scatter dice and these appear to be available from other sources as well as most people having several of them as they have been around for a very long time for games like Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battle etc.

Some missions also require ghast markers and a gang relic, both of which give the opportunity for  you to model something unique for your games and your gang.


Gang Relic:

Other than that, any form of measuring tape that measures in inches.

Tokens help, but they are by no means the only way to track what is going on with your fighters. If you have printed off their cards or a gang sheet, some folks simply go down the pencil and rubber route of tracking flesh wounds and any other traits that need to be tracked.

I think that’s about it for now, if you have any questions feel free to fire them at me!