Additional Player resources – articles from Goonhammer

Some folks who have been around the various Necromunda facebook groups will know that Goonhammer is a blog by gamers that specialises in looking at the rules for the game. They do articles on each of the gang books that is released and throw down some advice on how you can build gangs. Note, they don’t tell you the optimal build per-se, but simply some advice of how to possibly build the given gang.

After a chat with folks at the club on Tuesday, I was asked to do a blog post in regards to this so I thought I would try and make things easy and link to the different Goonhammer articles for the different gangs. An index you might say…

House Gangs:

Orlock: Article looking at the House of Iron book and a summary on how the gang works including strengths and weaknesses and how they impact on building a gang.

Goliath: As above, but looking at the House of Chains book.

Escher: Article looking at the House of Blades.

Van Saar: Article breaking down the House of Artifice

Delaque: Article for the House of Shadows.

Cawdor/Redemptionists:This article covers both gangs in the House of Faith.

Non house gangs:

Slave Ogryns: Yes, they have their very own article.

Corpse Grinders: These utter barbaric flesh eaters have an article here.

Chaos Helot Cultists: Less obviously Hannibal Lector-y cousins of the Corpse Grinders have their article.

Genestealer Cultists: Of course, the last cult type available at time of writing have their own piece.

Venators: The best way to build your very own gang with their own background and theme as a team of individual characters.

Enforcers: The underhives finest, or so we’re told!

Outcast:This one is more of a review of the book as they don’t seem to have had time to look at gang construction yet. Well worth a look for all players due to the psychic abilities though.

Although not for enforcers, it’s also worth looking at their article for outlaw Brutes, these are only available to outlaw gangs which the cultist gangs are I believe. The rules from the white dwarf for them can be found free to download.

There are a number of other useful articles from them as well looking at various aspects of the game. Some of which you may see in use in the campaign. For example, they have written an article about how to balance games should starting crews be incredibly unbalanced.