Lazar Gazette: Guns, Hats and Boomsticks

Lazar Gazette
Guns, Hats and Boomsticks

Just when you didn’t think the sector could get any noisier with the screams of victims, the sounds of gunfire and the gentle thud of distant grenade impacts, Jonas the Mad Hatter has reared his head!

Not only has he returned, he has brought with him a bunch of rapscallions thought lost to the wastes. Some almost certainly were marooned there by enemies of the Hatters.

They haven’t had it all their own way though.

They were discovered by The Unheard in downtown but were quickly sent packing, and licking some quite serious wounds. Jonas himself lost an eye. Having been in control of the sector before his disappearance he re-acquainted himself with Sugruth the mutant rogue doc and quickly set about having a bio-monocle fitted. To the well versed traveller, it is essentially a bionic eye, just a black market knock down beat up version.

He recovered mid way through a gang fight, the doc shop surrounded by the Bad Batch who were acting on information and trying to claim some old ruins in Uptown and heard the Hatter was in town. The Mad Hatter emerged to achieve victory… just.

Soon after Jonas led his men on an attack downtown, this time against the Sump City Cat Herders. Again, coming away winners. Quickly, and worryingly, Jonas is leading his ragtag band of nasties to stamp their name back on the map.

Citizens of Lazar, this is not good. Not good at all. His tyranny was violent, vicious and ghastly. All welcomed his disappearance. All hoped he had met an untimely demise.

In other news, the Sicarios also dealt a vicious blow to the Shade Serpents in Uptown, claiming a Narco Den as a result. 

Also in Uptown The Betrayed faced off against the Ponytail Express. The high tech armoured clad clandestines scored their first victory, ceasing an Archeotech Device in the process. 

Meanwhile, in Downtown, the Stim Slingers, slung their considerable body masses about the place, spending much time hugging the floor according to bystanders. The Blaque Ops didn’t manage to score a win this time out and the muscle bound forge workers managed to claim their second promethium cache.

The uptick in violence upon the junk festooned tracks and shanty town straddling roads has not gone unnoticed. The Gazette can confirm that its sources suggest that Helmawr’s finest are assembling and getting ready to mobilise.