Getting Prepared.

Hey folks of the Lazar Sector Necromunda Campaign. We are a couple of weeks off the restart of the campaign for the 2nd part known as the Take Over phase. If you want to be reminded of the plan for this you can revisit the last article here.

Another article will be released shortly that will detail what the campaign will look like going forwards in terms of the information that we’ll need to track to determine the 5 different titles that are up for grabs.

What needs to happen now?
What I need all of you to do is look at the Effects of Downtime detailed in the last article, which you can find here. That means that by no later than Friday 2nd September I will need:
“To simplify, what I am going to ask is that during down time, players will submit their use of the 250credits to me to check before giving the go ahead – just to make sure it meets the requirements as it isn’t 100% straightforward.”

BEFORE you do this, you will also need to rectify any things that are outstanding with your gang. Those of you who have gone for house favours instead of playing your last games will need to roll up for your settlement and ONE other territory before we go through the specially tailored favour system created for this campaign. You will need to come to me for that though I have already recorded what favours you would like to plea for help with.

Also, some of you have some odd stats for your gangs, please can you check that your gang wealth and reputation are up to date on Yaktribe. A couple look a little odd at the moment.

I will also be available to help should any of you need a hand with any aspects of getting your gang ready for the next phase of the campaign.

Looking forwards, we will be using some specially designed sheets to keep track of the games we play so I am able to update the territories and tables that keep track of the important info. It will probably end up looking a bit like this. I will try to get a few done and laminated with some pens to use. You’ll need to find me before your game to nab one.

I have also set up a new campaign page on Yaktribe with everyone thrown in together the territories will be added in due course and we’ll use that one going forwards with the takeover phase.

To show you how to accept the invite to this campaign page I have put together some instructions as it isn’t easy!

Step 1: Click “Edit” on your gang details screen.
Step 2: Click on the drop down menu for “Campaign”
Step 3: Select “none” as the option. Then click “save” on the bottom right of this area.

Once you have completed these three steps you just need to refresh your page and at the very top of the page you should then get an option to join the campaign as seen in this pic: