May the Battle commence!

Welcome to the Lazar Sector Campaign: Part II

We now enter the 2nd part of the campaign, the take-over phase. This is relatively simple. Players challenge players for territories other gangs currently occupy.

As with the first half of the campaign each gang will need to complete a single game every cycle. The only difference to this cycle is that there will be the flexibility that you can play an additional two games across the four cycles. This means each player could play 4-6 games before the finale which date will be confirmed at a later date.

The finale will be a final big table scenario where each gang will compete in the final scenario. It is a purely narrative game to end the campaign with but is planned to be incredibly fun!

Player/Gang Table

PlayerGang Name & Type
AustenUnheard (Delaque)
CharlesSump Town Stim Slingers (Goliath)
GarryBad Batch (Venators)
IanPonytail Express (Van Saar)
JackSteel City Sicarios (Orlock)
Mark SThe Sump City Cat Herders (Escher)
Mark WBlaque Ops (Delaque)
MattShade Serpents (Delaque)
SeanSavages of Slaanesh (Cawdor)
WillLazar Sector 1313 Patrol (Enforcers)
House GangThe Mad Hatters (Outcast – Cawdor)

Gang Territory Table

GangHome TerritoryOther territories owned:
UnheardSettlementRogue Doc Shop, Tech Bazaar,
Sump Town Stim SlingersSettlementCollapsed Dome, Promethium Cache,
Bad BatchSettlementWastes, Settlement,
Ponytail ExpressSettlementStinger Mould Sprawl, Archeotech Device, Prometheum Cache.
Steel City SicariosSettlementCollapsed Dome, Narco Den, Workshop, Toll Crossing, Rogue Doc Shop, Toll Crossing,
Sump City Cat HerdersSettlementWorkshop, Wastes, Sludge Sea, Toll Crossing,
Blaque OpsSettlementRogue Doc Shop, Needle Ways, Sludge Sea
Shade SerpantsSettlementSludge Sea, Gambling Den, Slag Furnace,
Savages of SlaaneshSettlementCollapsed Dome, Needle Ways,
Lazar Sector 1313 PatrolPrecinctRogue Doc, Refuse Drift, Sludge Sea,
The Mad HattersSettlementOld Ruins, Old Ruins,

Lazar sector league table

GangNo. Territories (exc settlement)Fighters taken OOANo. Battles WonWealthReputation
Sump Town Stim Slingers20210651
Bad Batch30216803
Ponytail Express302120010
Steel City Sicarios62420717
Sump City Cat Herders3111
Blaque Ops323140510
Shade Serpants26314805
Savages of Slaanesh2018851
The Betrayed333140510
The Mad Hatters24219903

Helmawr Speaks

The clamour of conflict is upon the Lazar Sector once more. It is only a matter of time before my enforcers arrive to cut through the many factions at play here and restore order.

I give your four cycles in which to sort out your differences and return to more consistent output for our hive or face the consequences delivered by Enforcer bolter rounds.

1September 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.
2October 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.
3November 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.
4November 29th, December 6th, 13th and 20th.
End GameDate tbc

Games Played:
Cycle 1
Bad Batch (w) Vs Sump City Cat Herders
Unheard Vs Shade Serpants (w)