Lazar Sector Part III: The Ballad of the Crooked Cane

The new season is upon us, and that means the Lazar Sector will soon erupt with a cacophony of the din of battle. Revving chainswords, the heavy buzz of lasgun fire, the rata-tat-tat of autoguns and explosions. All met with screams of pain, blood curdling battle cries and the soft thud of bodies hitting plasteel floor.

It is time to kick it all off again once more in the Lazar Sector!

Some things worth noting.

The Crooked Cane is a Drinking Hole in terms of boon, however, it is not house affiliated so does not carry the enhanced boon normally seen for this territory.

Generating the Scenario Table:
For this one, to try and cover as many different scenario options as possible, we’ll be going with the Goonhammer suggested table for generating scenarios but with some added Ash Wastes…

2D6 RollResultScenario Options
2-5That’s My TurfTunnel Skirmish(ZM), Border Dispute(SM), Shootout(SM), Dust Bowl Skirmish(AW).
6-7TerritorySabotage(SM), Escape the Pit(SM), Sneak Attack(ZM), Looters(AW).
8-9Death MatchStand Off(SM), The Trap(ZM), Ambush(SM), Wasteland Encounter(AW).
10-12UnderdogLower Ranked Player Picks the Scenario and Attack/Defend.

Key: ZM = Zone Mortalis, SM = Sector Mechanicus, AW = Ash Wastes.

Players to agree which setting they are going to play their games in advance. If sector mechanicus, roll a D6 for a 50/50 roll between the two sector mechanicus scenarios.

The design for this was to give people more variation on scenarios and to give the lower ranked players a bit of a better start. Remember, when it says “picks the scenario” it is any scenario, there are more scenarios in the rulebook such as Ghast Harvest, and then you have the scenarios in the house of books and in the book of Ruin etc.

I will do a post on the underdog rules we’ll be using soon too.

The only other thing you’ll need is a sheet to track your games and hand to Matt when your game is done. The sheet will inform you what to keep track of.