Takeover Phase: Cycle 1

We’re half way through the first cycle of the takeover period of the campaign. So far there have been two hard fought battles fought over key territories in the Lazar Sector.

First up the Bad Batch shook off their slow start after their arrival in their sector and launched a raid on a vault that happened to be in a toll booth territory held by the Sump City Cat Herders.

A flurry of claws was met with mercenary fire power… both sides dished out hurt, two of the Escher fell to wounds but both surviving to fight another day, all be it one with injuries she will carry for many cycles yet to come. Bad Batch though, had one of their number so badly injured he’d need a trip to the doc.

Their ruthless leader deciding that their new recruit was clearly not up to the standard needed amongst their company. His body stripped of all but the now punctured armour and his clothes before he was left on the battlefield to his fate. There was no way that he could live from his injuries… the creds too precious to waste on trying to save him.

Then in a Delaque on Delaque battle, the Shade Serpents took on the Unheard in what was a tense clash. The Unheard’s long rifle was heard to be cracking off shots, keeping the Shades at bay. When the dust had settled, the Serpents had held out for the win, but not before Francis Rabat took one between the eyes.

It was the anger over the loss of one of the longest serving of the gang that made Horus keep his last remaining faithful fighters around him to defend the crates. And it was a good job, they were paid handsomely for their victory. Francis did not die for nothing, he died for cold hard credits to push the Serpents further towards infamy.

Four gangs left licking their wounds in victory and defeat. What others will be next as we look to enter the 2nd cycle? Who else will inflict death upon challengers? Take over territories?

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